torstai 14. lokakuuta 2010

Just some random thoughts from the past events.

Allright, incoming a little summary.

Unintentionally I had to listen a conversation in TV which considered gay marriages yesterday.
Obviously it was made by setting a group of religious people, and a group of people who had something to do with gayness against eachother.
Now I don't really care about conversations like this that much because i've learned something about religious people. They don't care. Yes, even when you plant a fact in their face, they can throw off stupid senseless shit at you, and still act like they "won".
Oh and by the way, I don't mind if you believe in god or whatever. Whatever rocks your boat, fine, but don't make that shit affect others life.
So yeah anyways, about the conversation. There was this one good old hypocrite, a nice stereotypical big mouth from the church who said this.
"We cannot allow gay marriages, that is wrong. Who knows what will happen next, maybe someone wants to marry their beloved dog."
Allright, that was the point where I lost my interest. What can you say to that? It's like...What? What the hell man. Like someone already said:
Arguing with religious people is like playing chess with a pigeon. It will knock over the pieces and fly to the rooftop to brag with its friends.
That shit makes me rage. How come we got people like this sitting quite high in our hierarchy?
I understand if they don't like that shit. Don't like gay marriages? Fine, you don't have to, but talking shit like that? Uh-huh.
Also some of the comments this Finnish member of the parliament (Christianparty) said made me very sad.
She said something like this.

"A child has the right to have a father and a mother. It's wrong towards the child to prevent that"
And the discussion was about gay adoption.
Ok first of all, there are quite a lot of children out there, who have no parents at all.
I don't think that you would know how it would feel to grow without parents without experiencing it yourself. Or even worse, your parents died or something.

Yeah I bet that would happen.
Meh, enough rant about that subject, I just don't understand why to make other peoples life so hard.
And just as a note, I'm not a gay myself. Admitted, this seems like a huge standup for their rights. Meh.

Oh! I'm not a huge fan of FPS games but I used to play CS like 7 years back.
Yesterday I bought Left for dead 2 from my colleague, and.... Shieeet man.
That's some awesome shit after these 4 years of WoW!
I love team based games (Few exceptions) and those games are pretty much the only ones I play.
What I instantly noticed was the teamplay, you can't leave people behind, you have to help them and shit like that. I really love that.
However I found an downside with that... I got a bit paranoid.
Was walking dog outside and noticed myself watching all over myself and kinda expected a few zombies or whatever they are, to walk by.. I've never played an FPS game alone (This is why I need team shit), ever. Just can't fucking do it. Wonder why.

Another nice find was League of Legends! I'm an old DoTA fan so it kicked me.
Playing with Taric and damn that shit is lethal!

What else...? Oh yeah, it's the best day of month tomorrow. Payday, bitch. Chi-ching, going to see a movie with mah gurl saturday, maybe eating some 'special muffins' (if you catch my drift) and shit like that. Got high hopes from this weekend.
ps: I wonder where did my anger go? Anyone seen it?  

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  1. yeah they do use extreme examples mabey not the best choise of words

  2. Religious people... cant live with them... cant get rid of them legally...

  3. I was training to be a priest - i seen the dark!

  4. Better off moving to Holland where it's tolerated.

  5. Incredible!:)

    Support and follow!

  6. I would be sad if I had no parents

  7. interesting post.i like your perspective

  8. religious people are disease of nowadays :/

  9. I just don't get people who are so afraid of gay people getting married ... geez ! let them be !

  10. lol @ arguing with religious people being like playing chess with a pigeon

  11. Religious people also piss me off greatly. Power to the rational!

  12. religious people are pathetic.. they think they rule the world

  13. Adults with imaginary friends make me laugh.

  14. muffins? that has to bee the worst codeword ever.

  15. Looking forward to another quality update!

  16. haha, i love the quote with the pidgeon xD

  17. I just love that quote about religious people and chess :D :D

  18. Great post, I liked the bit about the pigeons aswell :D

  19. Hi, followed you. Cool blog. Check out mine:

  20. What homosexuals do in the privacy of their bedrooms is for them. Let them marry.

  21. While I'm all for a liberal country, where homosexuals are accepted as equals, I'm still a bit reluctant towards a few of their points, namely christian marriage and adoption.

    Since people have proclaimed for AGES that the church should not be able to influence the state, the opposite holds true as well. If a religion is based around the union of man and woman, the state should not be able to tell the christian church to wed homosexuals. I'm still all for legalization of state marriages, but stay out of the church! It would be like forcing the KKK to invite colored people.. (not that they'd notice under those hoods!)

    As for homosexual couples adopting, I'm just a little worried about what effects it could have on the children. The childhood utterly shapes you into who you'll be as an adult, and having parents of the same sex is a major change compared to what is the norm. I don't think that they'll become murderers, pedo's, or any kind of criminals really, but im convinced it turns them into different individuals to what would be the norm.

    Oh yeah, I'm an utter atheist and I absolutely hate religions and their influence on society as well.

  22. extreme example are the most effective sometimes

  23. imo homosexual couples shouldnt be allowed to adopt kids.its wrong

  24. great post, thank you for sharing

  25. Religion has no place in politics, its a real shame loving gay couples cant adopt a child who has no parents at all

  26. interesting post,but we all have our point of view. if someone wants to be religious let them be.