keskiviikko 29. syyskuuta 2010

Pain of Salvation and a dog that sounds like a pig

Ever heard of Pain of Salvation? If no, then shame on you.
Check this out.

Liked it? Nice one, have a cookie! Hated it? Well go to die then!

I'm going to see that band on friday. \o/ Damn, I can't even wait to see them.
I really like Daniel's voice, it's very.. Well fuck you, can't describe such awesomeness anyways!
That was abit offtopic (Just like this whole goddamn blog) but atleast I got something to tell you huh?

Oh yeah, you must be wondering about the dog that sounds like a pig, hah.
Yesterday when I was walking our dog in the cold, breezing wastelands of Finland, I made an amazing discovery! Somewhere in the distance I saw two figures, one tall, cyclope -alike creature starting at me, and there seemed to be a small, yet not as horrifying thing aswell, alongside with the cyclope.
Turns out it was a girl with a Chow chow. Heh, me and my imagination.
Chowie spotted us and wanted to stay there since I was walking with a dog aswell. Our dog is abit angry towards younger male dogs so I already felt a little awkward about the confrontation. (Our Mittelspitz is very annoyed to any younger male dogs, no matter if it's a goddamn wolf, or a fucking monsterdog from the 9th hell, he just tries to attack them).
So fine, I had to confront the lady with the dog. But as lucky I was, it was a bitch, not a male.
Here comes the tricky part, she started to grunt like a piggy (No, not the lady, the dog)!
And I was moved to tears (Well almost)! It was the most adorable creature of them all!
Have you ever heard a fluffy dog grunting like a pig? Huh? Have you? Thought so! No, pug's are sneezing, not grunting so that shit doesn't count! (Altho pugs are quite adorable aswell)

Go and get a fluffy chowchow with pig sounds, buy BE (Pain of salvation album) and listen them simultaeously, I guarantee satisfaction!
Goddamn what a random post haha.

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  1. My dog is the same. Extremely jealous of other dogs. Once they get to know each other, they play together, but at the start, he hates every other dog he sees.

  2. Nice song.

    And I must say, I am really liking your attitude. Hope to see more from you in the future!

  3. I feel bad, I've never heard of them before. I must say, that video was pretty interesting, I want to hear more of them now.

  4. pugs are sweet! my last dog was a pug

  5. hahaha wtf that sounds like a pig

  6. wow seriously sounds like a total piggy! ;D sharing the love thanks!

  7. Pretty trippy song, thanks for sharing

  8. I shared this one with my friends.

  9. Lol nice! This was an interesting find!

  10. I actually don't mind this kind of music. I usually like heavy metal, but this is quite decent!